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4 Nov 2015

People who have little familiarity with Tarot symbolism have a visceral reaction after they see the Death card in the reading. Roto-Rooter

Their fear is understandable. The view of an armor-clad skeleton on horseback associated with the word 'Death' is fearsome and designed to grab attention. Death is definite and the man takes no prisoners.

But our armor-clad horseman carries a flag. The flag sports the style of a flower completely bloom. Its seeds lie in the center. Death is the bringer of seeds. Death is the bringer of life. And, inside the distance, the sun rises to herald a new day.

All life ends eventually. But dead plants fertilize soil so that new growth.

Here is the power and the procedure for Scorpio.

Throughout our lives we continually die and regenerate. We discard old habits and habits that outlive their usefulness. Rarely is that this done without a struggle. The established order, even an uncomfortable established order, is usually less unpleasant than our nervous about change. So it may take the actions of another or even an external event to compel us to advance forward.

Scorpio's transformations hardly ever easy. But if we didn't transform, we might remain children in decaying adult bodies, never growing, never taking responsibility, never experiencing life.

So think about Scorpio as the 'roto-rooter' of the psyche, cleaning up our psychic gunk therefore we can move forward.

Nonetheless, some deaths are physical. On the way we lose people dear to us. And eventually we, too, will meet our own physical death.

And therein lies the cornerstone of our fear.

However the reward for facing down our fear is transformation and rebirth. We have been transformed and creative vitality becomes ours.

In myth, the god Pluto could be the associated with wealth and power. If we successfully transform we're enriched and we obtain the gift of our power.

Many people with an emphasis of Scorpio or Pluto energy within their charts experience life as a succession of high highs and low lows. They instinctively know how to use and amass power. Many they also attract wealth.

Now you ask whether they will use it permanently or ill. Drug lords and arranged crime families exemplify the negative utilization of Scorpio's energy that gives the sign a real poor reputation. However a skilled therapist uses the force for healing.

Bill gates, a Scorpio, exemplifies both extremes. His company, Microsoft, is well known for its rough business practices. Because of this, it rose to dominate and transform your computer industry. He has since left his day-to-day responsibilities to use his vast wealth information to alleviate the impact of AIDS and also other illnesses in the under-developed.

Banks, credit card issuers, mortgage and insurance firms are types of businesses related to Scorpio. They amass vast sums of money and actually transform and empower the clientele - for a price. Home financing can empower you together with transform your life by helping you to buy a home. In exchange you are yoked to a payment amount for many years.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. On top it is very calm yet still. Underneath, it roils with passion.

Scorpio's energy pulls us inward, and then we may feel more introspective when planets traverse the sign. And since its action is under the surface we may feel moody and intense.

Which is intimately involved with death and procreation with the ability to look at ugliness and decay and never flinch. Scorpio is amoral. Not blinded by idealism or illusion, it knows everyone is capable of both good and evil, kindness and cruelty. Having its watery intelligence it can sniff out agendas others might wish to keep conceal.

We receive Scorpio's knowledge within the gut - not your head.

Scorpio is patient. It's going to quietly watch and hold back until its prey falls into its trap. And so Scorpio people (anyone with many planets in Scorpio or possibly a strong Pluto) are first-rate investigators. They can be found in fields like police officers, investigative reporting, intelligence, and research.

It takes its time before it fully trusts. However when it does it is very loyal. However, if Scorpio is betrayed, it's going to probably say nothing - but it'll remember, forever.

Scorpio is often a difficult and generally misunderstood energy. Nonetheless its transformative function is critical to our evolution and survival. It may drag us on the lowest depths, but if we work with its energies in a mature, grounded way, it will take us to the highest heights. And prepared us for the ride in our life: Sagittarius. Roto-Rooter


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